Tree San Diego

Tree San Diego is a 50l(c)(3) tax-exempt organization addressing the significant deficit in the San Diego region’s tree canopy, thereby contributing to human and environmental health. We collaborate with governmental, non-profit, and private entities including ones that work for human and environmental sustainability and justice. Our mission is to significantly increase the number and impact of urban trees in San Diego County and beyond–by adding right trees, in right places, for right reasons, with right care, i.e., “Terrific Trees”.


Join us for a fundraiser and celebration of life giving trees! Featuring auction items made of responsibly sourced and salvaged wood and services that help deepen our appreciation of trees. Our aim in conducting this auction event is to celebrate and spread awareness of the varied tree products and experiences that enhance our lives.

We invite you to gather with us at the Leichtag Farmhouse, formerly the historic Ecke Ranch, a 67 acre nexus of social enterprise, innovative agriculture, educational programs, and vibrant community life. We will have interactive learning stations set up to spread the joy and importance of life-giving trees.

Hors d’oeuvres will be served and the bar will be available to purchase beer and wine.


The tree canopy in the San Diego region is estimated to be 60 – 70% below what it should be for the health of both humans and the environment. The most concerning aspect is that the percentage of tree canopy may actually be decreasing, making a bad situation worse. There are many contributing factors, such as drought, tree disease, and human indifference and neglect. One factor has been the absence of a non-profit urban forestry organization dedicated to promoting the increase in the quantity of quality tree canopy in our region. All other major metropolitan areas in California have benefited from having one or more such non-profit organizations in place for decades. Tree San Diego was established to fill that void and will grow to be a strong force in reversing the trend in our tree canopy.