January 14, 2016

About Us

Tree San Diego is a 50l(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that addresses the significant deficit in our region’s forest, thereby contributing to human and environmental health in the San Diego region.

TreeSD’s mission is to significantly impact the quantity of quality urban forest in San Diego County and beyond. Quantity means increasing the percentage of tree canopy. Quality means the right trees, in the right places, for the right reasons, properly maintained. We collaborate with a wide variety of governmental, non-profit, and private entities including ones that work for human and environmental sustainability and justice.

  • Tree-plantings and reforestation planning: TreeSD facilitates proper tree plantings and maintenance through public and private funding. With state funding of over $800,000 we’ve planted and are maintaining almost 1,400 trees on streets and in parks within under-served neighborhoods. Through our Terrific Tree Membership Program we also use private donations to build a resilient urban forest. We advise communities in how to create resilient forests by selecting species that maximize the benefits to human and environmental health, e.g.  increase air quality and greenhouse gas/carbon sequestration, and reduce storm-water runoff while being drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, and biodiverse. For example we’ve been a major advisor to the Rancho Santa Fe community on their initiative to improve their forest’s resiliency.
  • Inventories, Mapping, and Benefit Assessment: Using state-of-the-art capabilities, we provide technical services in tracking trees and computing their human and environmental benefits. One such capability is the GIS-based San Diego Tree Tracker We’ve performed work in this category benefiting the Balboa Park Conservancy, Oceanside’s City Planning Department, the cities of San Diego, Chula Vista, and Rancho Santa Fe.
  • Wood re-utilization: Far too much end-of-life urban wood is not fully re-utilized, instead disintegrating and releasing carbon/greenhouse gas or methane back into the atmosphere–raising temperatures and polluting our air. A new $750,000 CAL FIRE grant enables us to tackle the problem by building a virtual marketplace that fosters re-use of this wood for products such as lumber, furniture, and biochar (a water-retaining soil enhancement.) Re-using urban wood also avoids the environmental costs of transporting wood products from far distances.
  • Tree Stewardship: Funded through private foundations and public funding, TreeSD is developing the San Diego Regional Tree Stewardship Certification Program. Tree Stewards are adult and youth volunteers trained to be competent in various skills enabling them to care for trees and teach others. The intent is to build numerous corps of tree stewards in various locations. Thus far we have developed certification programs on basic tree watering and basic tree planting.
  • Community Involvement: We sponsor and participate in public tree-planting and tree-care events to engage and educate residents of communities across the region. Mayors, other government officials, and many enthusiastic volunteers have participated.
  • Recognition: California Urban Forest Council’s 2015 Everyday Heroes Award to TreeSD Board Members Laurie Broedling and Mike Palat (2015) and Tony Endress (2016).  SD Regional Urban Forest Council’s 2016 Award for Best Community Tree Planting/Arbor Day Event to Tree San Diego.


Tree San Diego has produced an extended feature for the July/August 2017 edition of California Garden. The article includes information about TreeSD specifically – detailing the aims, accomplishments, and visions of our organization – while also more broadly discussing San Diego county and its trees. Permission to post this article on the Tree San Diego website has been granted by San Diego Floral Association.



Tree San Diego is proud to feature our partners.  Together, we strive to beautify our city streets and improve our communities one tree at a time.

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