Benefits of Trees

Air Quality

January 23, 2016 |
  • Other than Carbon Dioxide removal, which is treated in a separate article, trees have a profound effect on air quality.
  • One acre of trees generates enough oxygen each day for 18 people.
  • Trees absorb gaseous pollutants into their … Read More

Energy Conservation

January 23, 2016 |
  • Trees can conserve energy with their shading and their cooling effect by releasing moisture into the air. Three or more large trees placed on sunny sides of a house shade it from the hot summer sun. Deciduous trees … Read More

Water Control

January 23, 2016 |
  • Mature trees intercept rainfall in their crowns, reducing runoff and providing cleaner water. Stand under a full-leafed tree at the start of a rain storm. Look at the wet ground beyond the tree and observe how long the … Read More

Noise Reduction

January 23, 2016 |

Aside from the obvious of loud noises causing sleep interruption, noise can cause anxiety, tension, or even illness. Prolonged exposure to high levels of noise can cause hearing loss.

Noise is considered  a form of environmental pollution. Due to … Read More

Business Benefits

January 23, 2016 |
  • Studies have shown that shoppers linger longer and make more frequent trips to shopping strips along a shaded avenue than on one barren of trees.
  • One study found that on average, prices for goods purchased in Seattle were … Read More

Wildlife Habitat

January 23, 2016 |
  • Wherever trees are established, wildlife and other plants follow.
  • Trees and associated plants provide shelter and food for a variety of birds and small animals.
  • The presence of trees creates an environment that allows the growth of plants … Read More