January 23, 2016

Community Enrichment


  • Recreation areas such as parks, greenways, and river corridors that are well stocked with trees tend to keep recreation seekers “at home” rather than driving many miles to find suitable places to play.  Less fuel is used and less pollution created.  It would be difficult to put a dollar value on such urban playgrounds, but if each visit were valued at only one dollar, the total for the typical city would be in the thousands of dollars per year.
  • And an abundance of trees “says something” about a community that makes it more appealing to newcomers as well as residents.
  • Increased property value leads to increased property tax for the community.
  • More shade means more time between repaving. 20% shade improves pavement condition by 11%. 60% savings for resurfacing in 30 years(Greg McPherson, 2008).
  • Trees reduce runoff and erosion from storms by about 7% and reduce the need for erosion control structures. In urban areas with trees, the use of smaller drainpipes can save cities money on materials, installation and maintenance
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