January 27, 2018

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South Bay Terrific Tree Initiative

What is the need? The number and types of trees in our region is highly inadequate for human
well-being and environmental health. In other words, we lack a resilient urban forest.

What are additional concerns? This inadequate tree canopy is far worse in disadvantaged
neighborhoods in our region. Residents of these communities already suffer disproportionately
from the effects of environmental degradation.

What is the solution? Increasing the number of the right trees, planted the right places,
selected for the right reasons, and given the right care so they live their full life span. In other
words, adding Terrific Trees!

Why can trees be so beneficial to human and environmental sustainment? Terrific Trees provide
dozens of benefits, as supported by extensive research:

  • Air–Produce the oxygen we breathe, clean our air
  • Water – Retain rainwater, preventing it from poisoning our rivers, bays and oceans;
    keep the soil moist; allow some water to return to the water tables and clean it in the
  • Cooling – Avoid the heat generated by greenhouse gas by sequestering large amounts
    of carbon in their wood; significantly reduce air conditioning requirements and cost;
    vastly reduce the heat emanating from pavement
  • Soil – Improve soil health, retain soil in place, reducing erosion
  • Flora and fauna – Support a balanced ecological system with related plant and animal
  • Individual physical health – Encourage physical outdoor activity such as walking, biking,
  • Individual mental health – Enhance sense of emotional well-being
  • Community health – Foster more positive interaction among neighbors by drawing
    people outside on blocks and in parks, thereby building a sense of community and
    reducing social isolation

How is Tree San Diego implementing the solution? We are starting in the South Bay region, an
area with many communities which are both socio-economically disadvantaged and suffer from
excessively high air pollution due to transportation exhaust.

How can you help? Join Tree San Diego’s Terrific Tree Membership Program at whatever
financial level you desire. Every dollar donated now will be put toward adding badly needed Terrific Trees in disadvantaged neighborhood parks in Chula Vista during 2018.

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