March 27, 2016

Terrific Tree Membership Program

Tree San Diego is proud to initiate its Terrific Tree Membership Program!  As San Diego County’s urban forestry non-profit organization, we are building the resources to increase our tree canopy. By joining the Terrific Tree Membership Program, you are actively supporting our region’s community of tree advocates who want to improve the quality of our environment and our lives.

Each time we raise enough funds to sponsor a tree planting project, you as a member will receive advance notice and an invitation to participate as a VIP in a celebratory planting event. By joining our community, you will help built a legacy of beautiful trees and mitigate destructive environmental changes for future generations.

Eventually we hope to fund tree planting projects in all areas of our County. These trees will sequester greenhouse gases, reduce storm water run-off that pollutes our bay and ocean, reduce erosion, reduce the effects of heat islands, improve property values, lower air conditioning bills, and provide many other benefits that will grow with time.

You can join the Terrific Tree Membership Program by investing at the level most appropriate for you.

By supporting our program you can contribute to a legacy of resilient urban forest and sustainable communities.

Terrific Tree Membership Program

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