April 17, 2017

On Scene Volunteer Coordinator

Part-time On-Scene Volunteer Coordinator with Tree San Diego beginning July 1, 2017


Tree San Diego is a nonprofit organization focused on improving the quantity and quality of the urban forest in San Diego County.  Recently it planted 700 trees on streets in Chula Vista and Logan Heights.  Over the next 30 months these trees will need to be watered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (depending on the season and rainfall).  Volunteers will play a major role in doing this watering.   The primary role of this job is oversee the volunteers who will be carrying buckets of water from the truck to the trees and dispensing the water onto the trees. Additional volunteer tasks will include weeding and mulching when needed.


Explain the tree care procedures to volunteers, including watering, weeding, and mulching.

Monitor volunteer efforts to make sure they do the tasks correctly and follow designated safety procedures

Organize occasional volunteer celebrations

Operate the pump that moves the water from the tank to the buckets

Help attach water meter to fire hydrant and fill water tank


Good communication skills

Able to work well with all kinds of personalities and volunteers

Able to operate gasoline water pump

Able to help hook up water meter and hose to hydrant

Commit to showing up on time make the watering a fun activity for the volunteers


The trees are planted on streets in west Chula Vista and in Logan Heights, San Diego.  Work is performed in an outdoor setting, which could include inclement weather, heat and humidity, and exposure to dust and asphalt. Weather conditions and rainfall may lead to cancellation of some watering days.

The watering will be done during 6 to 8 hour shifts on Saturdays and Sundays.  Coordinator must be able to work a regular Saturday or Sunday shift.


This is a contract position.  The Coordinator will not be an employee of Tree San Diego.  Compensation will be based on a negotiated rate of $20 to $25/hour for the actual number of hours worked.  There are no paid benefits.


Submit application by April 28, 2017 to

Your application can be in any format that clearly explains your experience and qualifications. Please include two references.


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