January 27, 2018

SDRUFC Honors RSF Association Committee Chair Bill Beckman  

Tree San Diego’s extensive contributions to the study include a synthesis of relevant best practices in community forest management and recommended steps to ensure a resilient forest. What makes this study and overall effort stand apart is it tackles the whole forest, not just the trees under municipal control. Therefore, it confronts the challenge of motivating and educating homeowners
Beckman was recognized for his extraordinary leadership and perseverance in highlighting the importance of the Rancho Santa Fe forest to the attention of the community. Most significantly, the efforts of the Committee has resulted in a major systematic study of the forest, its characteristics and value, including recommendations for forest management based on best practices. This Rancho Santa Fe Forest Health Study has been a collaborative effort of the RSF Association Forest Health and Preservation Committee, Tree San Diego, and Dudek, with support from the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.

At the Second Annual Awards and Mixer Event, held in Balboa Park on December 5, the San Diego Regional Urban Forest Council presented RSF Association Forest Health and Preservation Committee Chair William Beckman with the 2017 award for Best Innovative Urban Forest Project to take informed, proactive steps to enhance the forest for future generations of the Rancho Santa Fe community.

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