January 27, 2018

Tree SD unveils two 2018 initiatives

One is the South Bay Terrific Trees initiative; whose 2018 objective is to replant trees lost during the 2016 storms in Chula Vista public parks in disadvantaged neighborhoods. This 2018 initiative is a community-targeted project within our larger Terrific Trees Membership program that gives the public an opportunity to donate money specifically to planting trees.

The second initiative to develop a Tree Steward School Club for middle school children in disadvantaged communities. It will develop a tree care curriculum that conforms to the standards of our existing Tree Steward Certification program within an afterschool/school club format. The focus is not only to train young Tree Stewards, but also to meet the unique needs of children from such communities, including afterschool supervision and safety, provide practical job training, and connect this program with existing services for neighborhood improvement.

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