February 7, 2017

Tree Tracker

Tree San Diego maintains the Tree Tracker, an online tree inventory tool to monitor our progress and environmental impact in San Diego county. The map includes trees from projects we are involved with, tree planting events we’ve participated in, and the inventory of all the Balboa Park trees through our partnership with the Balboa Park Conservancy. Find it below and at

Tree Tracker Tips

Our new Tree Tracker system was introduced in August, 2019 and provides a much more detailed interface for better managing our urban forest.  The public has limited access to all tree data, including location, species, and size.

We have prepared a number of training videos to help navigate Tree Tracker and its enhanced feature set.  Please come back to this page, where we plan to post the links to our video tutorials.

Once you select a tree on the map, you will see a quick preview window with basic tree information.  Press the DETAILS button to see more.  Registered users on the site can see additional information.

An advanced filter feature is found using the funnel icon in the menu strip along the left of the map.  Once you select the funnel, it will bring up the search dialog, which allows you to search by Project, species, and more.

Eco benefits estimates the “ecosystem services” that the trees are providing: the energy the trees are saving by shading buildings, the stormwater captured and filtered by the leaves, the pounds of air pollutants captured by the leaves, and the carbon dioxide sequestered. To see them for a particular tree, estimated by iTree Streets, select a tree on the map and then press the eco-benefits button.

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