February 7, 2017

Tree Tracker

Tree San Diego maintains the Tree Tracker, an online tree inventory tool to monitor our progress and environmental impact in San Diego county. The map includes trees from projects we are involved with, tree planting events we’ve participated in, and even the ongoing inventory of all the Balboa Park trees. Find it below or also at

Tree Tracker Tips

On the main map page, you can get a broad overview of the trees planted with Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund grants and see a snapshot of the benefits they are providing this year. You can do advanced searches and see quick info on a given tree. If you’d like to play around with the data yourself, you can export it here too.

Search by species or location or open the Advanced Search window for all kinds of options. Using the Advanced Search menu, under Trees, for example, you can search for all trees that were planted for a specific project. The Eco Benefits section will identify the annual benefits from those selected trees, and you can download the data for them too.

Each tree has its own page presenting its “bio” and its eco benefits. There’s room to upload a picture and a comment field where you can tell us your tree’s story. (Tree San Diego users can create an account and log in to OpenTreeMap to do this. The Climate Trees Map will open in a new tab, after you create an account and log in.)
Eco benefits estimates the “ecosystem services” that the trees are providing: the energy the trees are saving by shading buildings, the stormwater captured and filtered by the leaves, the pounds of air pollutants captured by the leaves, and the carbon dioxide sequestered. The main map page shows the benefits for all selected trees, and each tree’s bio shows its individual benefits.

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