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January 2024: Our 10th Year is Here!

As Tree San Diego enters its 10th year, we are preparing to celebrate all of the accomplishments we've made with you throughout the past decade. We also grow more and more excited to share new projects and programs with our community in the coming weeks. As we prepare for a colorful and tree-filled commemoration this fall, we aim to continue making an impact through the year.

Here is a sneak peek of what's in store for 2024:

Tree #10,000

With the help of our community, donors and project partners, Tree San Diego will host a ceremony for our 10,000th tree planted!

Leafing Our Legacy Program

Paying it forward, TSD will be distributing 100 trees EACH MONTH for a total of 1000 trees in 2024. Want a free tree? Visit our new anniversary website for more details and updates on January's distribution event.

Tree Treks

Starting soon, our arborists and climate fellows will be launching our Tree Trek program which brings community members together for a lively discussion and tree walk in parks throughout San Diego County


Stay tuned for more project and program updates as we roll out exciting anniversary news in the coming month. We cannot wait to celebrate this past decade of growth with you!


Help us continue growing by donating today!


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