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Our Tree Treks map provides an overview of the parks to be traversed throughout the year. Each tree visited during a Tree Trek is mapped on the Tree Plotter platform which allows Trekkers to pull up eco-benefits information about the tree and its surroundings. 

Tree Treks

Tree Treks is a community engagement and building program designed to connect San Diego residents with their local parks and trails while fostering a shared interest in trees and native plants. The program's primary objective is to cultivate a sense of community by encouraging neighbors to bond over learning about the diverse flora within their local parks. As participants embark on the monthly Tree Trek, they will have the opportunity to engage in an arborist-led conversation that will focus on the identification and characteristics of trees, their benefits, and the history of the parks where they grow.

Simply click on the map, zoom in to a park you plan to visit, and select a tree (colored dot) to see its eco-benefits!

(download and print)

2024 Program HIGHLIGHTS







Acerca de la beca

El Cuerpo de Acción Climática de California contrata a más de 115 becarios para servir más de 1700 horas en comunidades principalmente desatendidas. Los becarios sirven en una organización sin fines de lucro, tribu, agencia pública o institución educativa. Se centran en la ecologización urbana, la recuperación de residuos orgánicos y alimentos comestibles, y la resistencia a los incendios forestales. ¡Los becarios de CCAC reciben beneficios, desarrollo profesional y la oportunidad de unirse a la próxima cohorte de líderes de acción climática!

More than a Trek

All attendees will receive a free tree seed packet. 

If you complete 6 out of 12* Tree Treks events will receive their own tree sapling.

Complete all Tree Treks to receive a Tree San Diego t-shirt.

Your Tree Passport will be stamped at each Tree Trek to verify attendance.

*Due to scheduling changes, the January 2024 Tree Treks will be waived

Questions about Tree Treks?

Reach out to the Tree Treks team as

(download and print)

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