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CCAC Fellowships
with Tree San Diego

the Fellowship

Tree San Diego is excited to serve as a host partner for California Volunteers' California Climate Action Corps (CCAC) fellowship program. The CCAC employs more than 110 fellows statewide with each individual dedicating 1700 hours on projects aimed to safeguard our environment and support underserved communities affected by climate change. Fellows serve with a non-profit, tribe, public agency, or educational institution to support urban greening, food recovery, wildfire resiliency, and other community needs. Fellows receive benefits, professional development training, and the opportunity to join the next cohort of climate action leaders!


California Climate Action Corps accepts applications from those interested in serving for 11 months starting in September, with public agencies, tribes, nonprofits, and schools throughout the state to engage communities in climate action and education. As AmeriCorps members, selected Fellows will serve 1700+ hours and learn real-world climate action skills through community projects, while being part of this unique program and statewide force of emerging leaders. Fellows will earn a stipend of up to $33,000 (spread over 11 months) and combined education awards of $10,000 upon completion to pay educational expenses at eligible schools and training programs or repay qualified student loans.


About TSD

Tree San Diego is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to increasing the quality and density of San Diego’s urban forest. We collaborate with local and state government agencies, nonprofits, community organizations, and businesses to plant the right trees in the right places with the right care. We are committed to San Diego County’s urban forest for the benefit of people, the environment, and the future. As a CCAC host partner, Tree San Diego is committed to building pathways for young professionals to serve our shared communities.

Benefits of serving as a TSD Fellow:


Make an impact.

Join the team, gain a network.

Work flexibly.

How will you make a difference?


Create jobs


Ready to empower the next generation of the green workforce? Our CCAC Fellows support one of our biggest and boldest programs: Treejectory Plus, a workforce development project that empowers trainees and introduces job candidates to the urban forestry sector. 


Plant Trees

Branch Out San Diego

Bringing the benefits of trees to those who need it most, Fellows help distribute trees through our Branch Out SD program. They conduct tree inventory audits, work with partners to deliver photogrammetry data and also assist with training seminars to educate residents on tree care and co-benefits.

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Build community

Building a Greener Future

Fellows often serve as a direct touchpoint with many communities throughout San Diego County. They conduct outreach, deliver education programs and tree planting training, distribute of trees, help with community relations/partnerships, inventory and survey for GIS mapping, and support the Tree San Diego team with program development. 

Join us.
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