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Tree San Diego Privacy Policy

At Tree San Diego, we are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. We prioritize the confidentiality of the information you share with us through our website. This privacy policy outlines the ways in which we collect and utilize this information.

Reviewing and Updating Your Information

You can review and update the information we have on record by contacting us at or by checking your donor account through Wix.

Communications from Tree San Diego

If you have chosen to receive our publications via email, you have the option to unsubscribe or modify your subscriptions in the following ways:

  • Follow the directions provided at the bottom of the email publication and click “Unsubscribe from all emails.”

  • Contact Tree San Diego by phone or email.


Secure Transactions

When making donations or purchasing gifts from Tree San Diego through our website, all donation and purchase information is transmitted securely and our Order Policy applies to all donations, gifts and sales.

Web Ecommerce

Tree San Diego maintains strict privacy standards for your personal information. We may use your information to send you updates on programs or promotions we believe may interest you, or to contact you regarding appeals for financial support. We do not sell our mailing list to any organization or company, and we will not exchange mailing lists with any organizations for marketing, development, or research purposes. This practice allows us to broaden our reach for fundraising, membership, and similar programs without diverting resources from our core operations. If you wish to stop receiving mail from Tree San Diego, please notify us by phone or email.

Order and Store Policy

All orders will be shipped via first-class mail within 3–5 business days of placing your order, with exception of delays due to holidays. Please allow an additional 3–7 business days for domestic delivery and up to 14 days for international delivery. For special shipping arrangements, contact us.


For assistance with your order or any other inquiries about Tree San Diego gifts, please contact us at 858-210-6451 or email

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