PROJECT: Treejectory+ (Treejectory Plus)


In the past decade, the need for qualified urban foresters, educators and tree stewards has grown sharply. Due to COVID-19, substantial budget cuts in nearly all San Diego County jurisdictions have reduced forestry initiatives leaving many communities without achievable planting plans and a workforce to implement them. In disadvantaged communities, where investment in environmental projects is lacking and urban forests expansion is desperately needed, nonprofits like Tree San Diego are directly impacting the triple bottom line through projects like Treejectory+.


Treejectory+ offers a multifaceted education and workforce development program serving DAC and low-income communities through urban-forestry focused education, training, and job placement. Treejectory+ is unique in that it provides hands-on, guided experience that will lead to viable career opportunities and training in industry best practices from ISA Certified Arborists. In keeping with industry standards, materials shared and training provided will meet tree care educational milestones guided by the International Society of Arboriculture, the Society of American Foresters, and the American National Standards Institute. This project also includes tree planting of 150 trees in DAC communities.


Through partnership, Tree San Diego structures, implements, and manages a workforce training program that gives 150 DAC and low-income residents direct access to:

  • ISA-certified arborist and tree identification training

  • Urban forestry-focused professional development opportunities

  • New technologies used in the urban forestry sector

  • Tree-planting training and field work 

  • Access to employment opportunities

  • Multilingual study content 



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This project is funded by the California Climate Investments and CAL FIRE Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program. More information about this grant can be found here.