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​Treejectory+ offers a paid education and workforce development program serving DAC and low-income communities through urban-forestry focused education, training, and job placement. Treejectory+ is unique in that it provides hands-on, guided experience that will lead to viable career opportunities and training in industry best practices from ISA Certified Arborists. This project will also plant 150 trees in DAC communities.

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2024 Q2

April - June

  • Presented on the impact, scope, and mission of the Treejectory+ program to the Director of CA Climate Action Corps

  • Recruited 20+ candidates for the Q3 2024 cohort

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2024 Q1

January - March

  • Conducted 2 Treejectory cohorts

  • A total of 35 candidates successfully graduated and are now prepared to advocate for their local urban forests!

  • Team recruited for Fall session at more than 40 tabling events, community centers, and job fairs.

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2023 Q4

October - December

  • New planting sites for the Spring 2024 were identified

  • Additional modules were added to include more field days including a tree walk in Balboa Park for tree species identification training


2023 Q3

July - September

  • Recruitment for the upcoming cohort hit all-time highs with more than 40 candidates approved for fall

  • Treejectory was featured by three media outlets and was included in the IRA UF&C grant winner list!

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2023 Q2

April - June

  • 2 additional Treejectory+ cohorts were completed with Urban Corps and the Green Team​

  • CCAC Fellows continue conducting outreach for Treejectory+ through community events and job fairs 


2023 Q1

January - March

  • CCAC Fellows conducted outreach, tabling, and canvassing around San Diego's most priority communities to recruit candidates for the newest cohort.​

  • First official Treejectory+ cohort kicked off in March and we have some awesome participants who are already quite knowledgeable about trees!

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2022 Q4

October - December

  • First pilot cohort completed the Treejectory+ program and graduated!​

  • Recruitment and outreach planning began for campaign launch in 2023.​

  • Project partners met for outreach plan development.


2022 Q3

July - September

  • Pilot cohort candidates were selected!​

  • Finalized all 10 in-person modules with project partners.

  • Pilot cohort attended PTCA Annual Conference and Field Day.

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