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​Treejectory+ offers a paid education and workforce development program serving DAC and low-income communities through urban-forestry focused education, training, and job placement. Treejectory+ is unique in that it provides hands-on, guided experience that will lead to viable career opportunities and training in industry best practices from ISA Certified Arborists. This project also includes the tree planting of 150 trees in DAC communities.

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Q2 Summary

April - June 2023

  • 2 additional Treejectory+ cohorts were completed with Urban Corps and the Green Team​

  • CCAC Fellows continue conducting outreach for Treejectory+ through community events and job fairs 


Q1 Summary

January - March 2023

  • CCAC Fellows conducted outreach, tabling, and canvassing around San Diego's most priority communities to recruit candidates for the newest cohort.​

  • First official Treejectory+ cohort kicked off in March and we have some awesome participants who are already quite knowledgeable about trees!

Pilot cohort graduation_2022_2.jpg

Q4 Summary

October - December 2022

  • First pilot cohort completed the Treejectory+ program and graduated!​

  • Recruitment and outreach planning began for campaign launch in 2023.​

  • Project partners met for outreach plan development.


Q3 Summary

July - September 2022

  • Pilot cohort candidates were selected!​

  • Finalized all 10 in-person modules with project partners.

  • Pilot cohort attended PTCA Annual Conference and Field Day.

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