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Help us grow through San Diego Gives 2022!

Support Tree San Diego through San Diego Gives

We’re one week away from SD Gives Day which means it’s almost time to give together! On September 8th, we are celebrating the incredible generosity here in San Diego County as part of San Diego Gives. By donating as little as $10 to support tree planting, you can strengthen Tree San Diego's efforts to enrich communities and combat climate change. Be part of the solution and help us increase the quality and density of San Diego's urban forest!

What: Support Tree San Diego during San Diego Gives

When: September 8th

Why: To support the community we know and love by building a greener environment, one beautiful tree at a time!

Learn More About How Your Donation Will Impact Our Organization Here Early donations are open! If you’d like to give now, all donations count toward our overall goal of reaching $15,000 for tree planting projects throughout the county. Thank you for your continued investment in our community. What better return could there be than a happy and healthy San Diego County? See you out in the field!


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