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June 2023: Summer Prep Tree Tips


Keep your trees happy and healthy this summer by providing the resources they need to thrive. With the warmer weather around the corner (we hope!), prepare to begin regularly watering your trees. Remember that during periods of extreme heat, trees need more water to sustain themselves as temperatures rise. The amount of water depends on the age of the tree and diameter of the trunk.

How much water does a tree need? Generally, trees need 5-10 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter. Younger trees should be watered more frequently (every 7-14 days) than older trees (every 2-3 weeks).

PRO TIP: Water away from the root flare!

You should also provide mulch for your trees. Mulch helps to conserve water in the dry summer months. To prepare, weed the area around the tree. Then apply 3-4 inches of wood chip mulch. Mulch should extend out past the the diameter of the branch canopy for the best effect.


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