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June 2024: TSD Receives Funding for Research, Planting, and More

You may have heard that TSD has been working on projects and programs that bolster the workforce, expand our urban tree canopy, and evaluate current tree-planting initiatives throughout the region... but have you heard that these efforts are now supported by our partners at SDG&E, the San Diego Foundation, and the US Forest Service? Click the links below to learn more about how each of these partners supports these initiatives and what to expect in the next 12 months as we begin building tools for a greener tomorrow!


SDG&E Environmental Champions Grant: TSD Canopy Catalysts Program

Tree Distributions

Tree Canopy Expansion

Community Resilience 


San Diego Foundation Environmental Grant: TSD UF Initiatives Research

Planting Project Evaluation

Planting Toolkit Development

Urban Forestry Summit


Federal IRA Grant: TSD Plan & Plant Project

Workforce Development Training

Urban Forestry Master Plan Development

Tree Plantings and Demos


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