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May 2024: TSD Fellow Meets President Biden & Senators at Earth Day Address

Tree San Diego's CCAC Fellow Taylor Vivona had the honor of attending President Biden's Earth Day address alongside distinguished Senators and climate leaders on April 22nd. As a member of the Governor's California Volunteers Program, Vivona represented the impactful work being done by local nonprofits like Tree San Diego on a national stage.


The event, held in Prince William Forest Park, marked the launch of the American Climate Corps, a significant initiative aimed at addressing climate change at the grassroots level. Vivona, along with fellow members of Americorps, joined forces to celebrate this momentous occasion and highlight the crucial role of local organizations in combating climate change.

Executive Director Elektra Fike-Data expressed Tree San Diego's pride in their fellows, emphasizing their dedication to combating climate change and promoting sustainability initiatives within their communities. "We are most proud of our fellows and the incredible work they are doing to combat climate change and shine a light on key initiatives local nonprofits are implementing to make positive changes in their communities," said Fike-Data. Speaking about the opportunity to attend President Biden's Earth Day address, Taylor Vivona remarked, "I am so grateful for the opportunity to take part in this event and to be amongst present and emerging leaders in the climate action space." Vivona's participation underscored the importance of engaging young leaders in the fight against climate change and promoting sustainable practices.

Tree San Diego continues to lead the way in environmental stewardship, having just received a $2 million IRA grant from the US Forest Service to launch the Plan & Plant Project region wide. As part of their commitment to nurturing future leaders in climate action, Tree San Diego will be opening the program’s recruitment cycle in May for three new fellows. The fellowship program, funded through state and Americorps programs, provides fellows with the opportunity to serve in underserved communities throughout California. Over an 11-month term, fellows dedicate 1,700 hours to mobilizing their communities through climate volunteer engagement, education projects focused on urban greening, organic waste and edible food recovery, and wildfire resiliency.


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