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November 2023: Insights from the World Forum on Urban Forests

One of our very own arborists, Kurt Peacock, had the pleasure of attending the 2nd Annual World Forum on Urban Forests in Washington, DC. This event was filled with inspiration and collaboration to create greener, healthier, and happier cities. We had the privilege to join global urban forestry leaders and share our voice in this important conversation.

Here's what Kurt had to say about the experience.

What themes were explored that warrant more attention by cities and organizations like TSD?

The conference emphasized the vital connection between trees and better health, not just in mitigating pollution but also in reducing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other major health issues. Additionally, there was a focus on urban heat island mitigation through increased canopy and integration of vertical green spaces in congested metropolitan areas.

What more should be considered?

An additional question to consider is the importance of education in overcoming social and political constraints that can impede urban greening initiatives. The conference highlighted the need for global collaboration to further our mission of re-greening our planet in a sustainable way.

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