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September 2022: Thank You to SD BLIA

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

The Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) is a nongovernmental organization that enacts Humanistic Buddhism committed to equality, respect for others and social progress. Each year the group organizes the VEGRUN, which is a virtual community event that promotes vegetarianism and running for the earth. This year, throughout North America, more than 3,000 people registered for VEGRUN from June 15 - July 16. They ran about 100,000 kilometers, which equates to circumnavigating the Earth more than two times. The San Diego Chapter of BLIA had 100 members registered for the event and finished 5,000 km within one month.

This year the theme was "You walk, we plant trees," and the San Diego chapter chose to donate $1 for every 5km run by the community to Tree San Diego! This donation will allow Tree San Diego to contribute to the VEGRUN's goal to plant more trees for "health, joy, love and environmental protection." A big thank you to SD BLIA for your generous donation and organizing this meaningful event!

For more information about their ongoing project "VEGE PLAN A," click here.


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