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July 2022: Water Smarter During Drought

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

San Diego County implemented the Level 2 actions of the Water Supply Response Program in accordance with California Governor’s Executive Order. While these actions include mandatory water use restrictions, it is still critical to water your landscape trees. Trees provide us with vital resources by providing clean air, cooling the surrounding environment, providing shade to homes and buildings lowering indoor temperatures and combating climate change. The health of our urban forest is not only worth the water, but will save MORE water in the long run!


1. Don’t over water your California native plants! Many natives could die if watered frequently during summer months, this is their "dormant" season. This also includes native trees like Coast Live Oak. When applying water to natives, it should be accomplished once or twice a month with a slow deep watering. California native plants are well-adapted to dry summer months, and this water could be used to deep water one of your larger trees.

2. Water only where you need it by using drip irrigation, bubblers or inline subsurface irrigation. If using above ground spray irrigation, water in the early morning hours to avoid evaporation from the sun and wind.

3. Properly mulch your trees to conserve moisture and slow evaporation. Mulching is not only good for your trees but your landscape as a whole, you can reduce evaporation by as much as 30% and reduce weeds which take water from your desirable plants.

4. Assess soil with your finger to decide if it is time to water.

5. Have a bucket? Collect cold water while waiting for warm water for your shower, bath or prior to washing dishes. This can be used to deep water your trees when needed!


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