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June 2022: Celebrate 8 Years with us!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow. Eight years ago, a small group of urban forestry advocates with big aims but few resources synthesized an idea that had been quietly but quickly germinating: Building an organization that would lead San Diego County in bringing greener solutions to all of its residents. Today, Tree San Diego is one of Southern California’s most successful and recognizable urban forestry nonprofits.

“I am very proud of how far the organization has come the last few years,” TSD board chairman Scott Paul shared. “There’s been a lot of maturing, and there have been many significant strides.”

And there is more room to grow. Gaining the trust of local leaders has helped TSD chart a course for a promising future. “What matters most to us now,” said director Elektra Fike-Data, “is working with the community to empower residents and other stakeholders to care for, expand, and invest in a healthier, greener, and sustainable environment.”

It is with that vision that TSD reflects on eight successful years and looks forward to many more to come, but for now...



Click below to watch the greetings we’ve gathered from the talented people who have brought us this far!


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